After school club

The After School club is open to all children from 4-16 years old, the club is run straight after school each school day until 6PM. The club allows children from different local schools to come together after school. Children will get the chance to mix with other children, from different schools that they would not normally meet. This may encourage children to be more tolerant towards different people and could help build towards their confidence for the future. 

On arrival the children will be provided with a snack, which could  be pasta, noddles, sandwiches with a variety of filling, fruit vegetables and much more. All foods and drinks will be healthy, nutritious and tasty. The children’s snack’s will all be prepared sensitive to the religious and cultural requirements of all children.
Little Strawberries After School club has a very relaxed feel, as the children may be tired at the end of a long school day, and they may just want to relax. The children are encouraged to choose the activities they wish to take part in, or just talk, do homework, or read in the quite area. Are emphasis is very much supervised free play.

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